Rent a camper in Greece

a country with a long history and lots of ancient historical sites and antiquis. Greece is known for her very hospital people, 300 day's of sun and deep bleu meditereanen sea. Many people come to Greece just for the sun and the sandy beaches and enjoying a refreshing dip in de mediteranean bue. Just relaxing without any obligations.

But Greece is also a country where the tourist can enjoy many archeological digouts, ancient culture with it's miths and gods. Think of Athens with the Acropolis and many ancient constructions. But although Athens is worth a visit, outsidde of thic hot city there are many other interesting places to discover.

Crete is Greece larges island and known for the Minoan period dating more than 3000 years back! It is the oldest culture of Europe and the start of the famous Hellenistic period of Greece that's the foundation of our todays democratic constitution. This Greek period is also the base for many sciences as astronomy, mathematics, fysics, medical science, art, sculpture and political science. A roundtrip in a camper in Greece ! Rent a RV / camper-van that gives you the possibilities to go wherever you want to go and enjoy all the beauty that Greece has to offer.

The first camper - motorhome - RV rental company in Crete

where you can rent a camper - motorhome - RV for a great holiday at Greece largest island. We preferred Crete above Athens. Athens is nice to do as a city trip but not by camper! Starting from Athens you need to make many miles to discover nice spots. At Crete, the quiet and beautiful beaches are just within reach. Crete is very long (over 160 miles) and also very mountainous. With a well-equipped camper - motorhome - RV you are free to go wherever you want to go and you can camp wherever you feel up to. You decide where you camp and how long you stay at which spot. Come to Crete to discover it all!

Camper rental is rising in popularity and it is The way to discover all of authentic Crete. Go with the camper - motorhome - RV where you want to go! We rent modern and well equipped campers since 2009 and have many satisfied customers. Some even return for a second holiday for a week is not enough to see all of this beautiful island. Of course the campers are well maintained, clean and meet all needs for a great holiday. Ask us for a offer, and you will be surpassed by our low prices! We are the right place for your motorhome - camper - RV rental holiday We have low prices and we are very flexible. You tell us for how many days you want to rent a camper - motorhome - RV and we'll try to meet your request. Our business is licensed by the EOT, the Greek Ministry of Tourism. So we meet all legal demands including full insurance.

Rent - Rental! Our camper rental business is a corporation with Mike Tours, a car rental company with more than 30 years of experience. Mike Tours has over 100 rental cars and is the legal holder of the EOT license provided by the Greek Ministry of tourism. So Motorhome Crete is the right choice for a save and well trusted drive around this beautiful Greek island. Come to Crete, rent a camper and enjoy!

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