Terms and Conditions Candia Campers                                                                                                                              Version 2022a

1. General

  1. Candia Campers is a trade name of the company Athanasiou – Pediaditakis o.e., Ethnikis Antistaseos, 70014 Kato Gouves, Crete, Greece. Tax number EL800642902 and working under the license of the Greek Ministry of Tourism (EOT) number 1039 E 81000101101. Candia Campers to be named also: Lessor.
  2. Candia Campers presents its products by internet. All offers are non-binding and subject to availability.
  3. All client requests are answered by email. Client can make a reservation by responding to our email offers stating necessary personal details like full name and address. The agreement is completed when confirmed by Candia Campers by email.
  4. The Terms and Conditions of Candia Campers are the active conditions of our rental agreements. No other conditions apply unless agreed upon in writing.
  5. The camper cannot be taken out of Crete unless agreed upon in writing.
  6. A NO SMOKING policy in the camper-van is in effect at all times!
  7. There is a ‘NO PETS in the camper’ policy unless agreed upon by Candia Campers.


2. Obligations Lessor

The Lessor is obligated to present the camper-van as follows.

  1. On time: at day of rental the camper will be available between 16.00 and 19.00 hours or upon any other agreed time.
  2. In a condition meeting all legal demands, unless the lessor is not capable of presenting the camper because of a late return from a previous renter or because of any unexpected damage which results in the camper not meeting Legal demands on time.
  3. In the event the confirmed camper is not available in time, Lessor will try as much as possible to present an equal motorhome.
  4. In the event of unforeseen circumstances where a reserved camper cannot be made available, the Lessor will repay rental fees and security deposit. The Lessee has no right to any damage claim whatsoever. Lessor will attempt free of charge to arrange any kind of accommodation for the renter, at renter’s expense.
  5. In proper roadworthy state with full inventory and supplies (full domestic water tank, empty waste water tank, empty toilet cassette, toilet fluids, liquid gas).
  6. With all legal documentations such as registration and insurance card.
  7. Proper instructions on how to use the motorhome and its facilities before use by the renter (Lessee).
  8. Lessor is not responsible nor accountable for any material or immaterial damage to the renter or their company due to the of use of the camper, or because of any mechanical defects or collision.


3. Obligations renter (Lessee)

The renter is obligated:

  1. To take good care of the camper and maintain its current condition, with all that is in, on top of or on the camper, during the entire rental period. This period starts after the renter has received motorhome instructions and the keys to the unit ends after the camper and keys are returned to the Lessor on time and at agreed place.
  2. To pay rental fees, security deposit or cancelation fees, even if renter uses the camper-van for shorter period or if renter doesn’t use the motorhome at all (e.g. No Show or cancelation).
  3. To use the camper carefully and make no changes to it.
  4. To follow instructions given by lessor.
  5. Not to rent or to lend the camper to other parties.
  6. Return the camper on time between 8.30 and 11.30 hours or at any other agreed time.
  7. Insure that renter or any authorized driver of the camper currently holds a valid driving license (B) for at least 3 years  and is 21 years of age or older.


4. Driving the camper-van

  1. The renter will follow traffic rules and instruction by police or any other Legal authority.
  2. To drive backwards (in reverse) only with the help of any adult who is outside of the camper.
  3. To be mindful at all times of the height and width of the camper; be cautious of elements like trees, rocks, buildings and balconies that might impede the pathway of the camper.
  4. Free camping is not legal but in many cases tolerated if renter behaves properly, cleans up after themselves and leaves the campsite in a neat condition. Under those conditions the lessor accepts the risk of penalty and/or confiscation without making a claim against the renter.
  5. No stickers of any kind to be placed on the camper unless demanded by authorities. Stickers are to be removed when returning the camper.


5. Costs

  1. Rental fee includes all costs of regular service and repair, costs of insurance, transfers to/from the airport or harbour of Heraklion, use of liquid gas, use of (biological degradable) toilet chemicals and free mileage.
  2. Renter will pay a security deposit in the amount of € 1.500,00 by Credit Card (only charged in case of damage) or cash in sealed envelope.
  3. Costs incurred while using the camper such as for petrol, repairing/changing tires due to potholes or driving off road, traffic penalties and camping site fees will be paid by renter.
  4. The renter (Lessee) will contact the Lessor immediately in case of any (mechanical) defects. Costs of repairs of defects without consulting the lessor will not be repaid.
  5. After consulting the lessor and receiving his permission, the renter will be refunded for his expenses only if presenting original and specified bills and returning replaced parts.

6. Damage and insurance

  1. In case of loss, theft, confiscation, collision or any major damage to the camper, the renter will immediately consult Lessor.
  2. Renter is obligated to inform Lessor about any defects and damages caused during the rental period when returning the camper or at the moment when noticed if it has possible impact for next renter.
  3. Lessor is not obligated to defend the amount of damage. If they wish, the renter is permitted to provide secondary estimates at own cost.
  4. Missing parts of the inventory can be charged to the renter and deducted of the security deposit.
  5. If the security deposit is not sufficient to cover all costs, replacements of inventory and damages, the renter has to pay the extra amount immediately in cash.
  6. The camper has full third party coverage. Liability insurance towards third parties for the sum of € 1.220.000,- per person in case of personal injuries and € 1.220.000,- material damages.
    The camper has full comprehensive coverage (CDW) with an excess amount of € 1.500,- per damage.
  7. Not included with CDW are: undercarriage, wheels and tires, windows and mirrors, lost keys, interior damages and personal belongings.
  8. All insurance becomes void while driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, (prescribed) medicine or any other kind of substance that causes a negative influence while driving. In that event the renter will be liable for all damages.
  9. If the camper is confiscated by any Legal authority due to any illegal activity such as robbery or transporting drugs, with or without the renter’s knowledge, the renter will be obligated to pay all material damages incurred by the lessor. In the event that the camper is confiscated, the renter will pay for all legal and all other costs to have the camper returned to the Lessor.
  10. If the Lessee (renter) refuses to pay for camper damages, traffic violations and other incurred and relevant costs to the Lessor’s property, all legal fees and court expenses incurred by the Lessor to recover condition of camper will be charged to the renter.


7. Payments

  1. The rental fee has to be paid (by bank transfer) in two amounts:
    - 30% down payment to be paid one week after invoice.
    - balance of the rental fee at least one (1) week before the start of the rental period by bank transfer unless agreed differently.
    By mutual agreement we accept payments on arrival of the total rental fee or of the balance amount. Payments can be made by cash, debit card (POS) or credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
    - Security deposit paid in cash (sealed envelop) or by credit card (pre-charged) on arrival.
  2. If renter does not pay on time, the lessor can cancel the rental agreement without penalty. In such a situation the contract booking will be handled as a cancelation.
  3. The lessor will repay the security deposit at departure unless there are any damages.


8. Cleaning

  1. The camper will be presented as follows: clean outside, clean inside, clean refrigerator, at least 1 full tank of liquid gas, full water reservoir, empty waste water reservoir, clean toilet, empty toilet reservoir, half full tank of petrol gas (diesel).
  2. The camper has to be returned in a neat condition: floor swept, no dishes, clean inventory (cups, plates, pottery, etc.), empty refrigerator, empty toilet reservoir and all towels and beddings on bathroom floor.
  3. The amount of fuel in the vehicle on-delivery will be written on the contract; it has to be returned in the same way.


9. Cancelation

  1. Costs in case of cancelation:
    - Until 2 months before rental period: totally free of costs;
    - From 2 months prior to rental period: 2% of invoice charged for each day to a maximum of 100% of invoice. 
    - In case of non-cancelation (no show): 110% of invoice.

    - In case of Covid-19 travel restrictions: none. Travel restrictions are: you or someone in your party has Corona, obligated quarantine in either Greece or your home country up on arrival, cancellation of flights, mandatory vaccination.
  2. In case of cancelation, the lessor will try to rent the camper for the whole or part of the period. In that case the cancelation costs will be deducted for the amount of the new rental fee except for € 100,- administrations costs and other costs incurred to re-rent the camper.
  3. Returning the camper earlier than the due date does not give renter any right to a refund in whole or in part.


10. Cancelation- and Travel Insurance

To cover risk because of cancelation, renter is advised to choose a cancelation insurance. Renter is advised to choose an insurance which covers risks of theft or loss of personal belongings or in the case of any repatriation. These costs are not covered by the camper insurance or the Lessor!
It is also advised to close an insurance for the deductible/excess on the insurance!


11. Short coming and cancelation

  1. If one of the parties is not living up to its obligations, the other party has the right to cancel the agreement without legal interference. Cancelation can be done in writing or by email. Cancelation will not occur where the short coming is of such a small detail that cancelation is not warranted.
  2. If the camper is returned too late the renter is charged for the following costs:
    - € 200,- per extra day of rent;
    - other costs to the lessor such as having to accommodate new guests.
  3. In case of damages because of false or misleading information, renter is fully liable.
  4. In case of dispute, Greek law upheld in the court at Heraklion, Crete applies.

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